Meet the Founders!

Our team is comprised of tech talents from across the world including finance experts, investors and entrepreneurs, graphic designers - enterprise product development specialists and HR professionals.


Why We Started Zenepal

Zenepal are a dynamic team of seasoned entrepreneur’s, HR veterans and software development experts. Our team has helped the most intuitive businesses take advantage of the most modern HR technology.

Dealing with real life challenges experienced whilst setting up our own company, we realized there was a gap in the market for something life changing in the SME world. A simplified, secure cloud based, localized automated system that handles all the routine HR administration tasks that save you time and money. No gimmicks, no hidden costs.


Zenepal is a platform, which has a huge feature list! Over the years we have added modules based on our clients needs. We have an extensive solution, suitable for running a streamlined department.


Zenepal is a cloud-based solution meaning we host the data in our Google server. We comply with all requirements to suitably operate Google Cloud dynamic databases. Do not worry your information is not touched; we only keep the details for the administrative account.

Our Story

Zenepal was founded in 2015 with a rebellious spirit and a bold ambition - to create a world where people get to spend their time doing what they love most: building their business. Our low cost solution, is flexible scalable and perfect for SME's.

How is it Free?

ZENEPAL IS FREE. We understand the challenges of small and medium businesses and that cashflow is key, thus the creation of Zenepal – a free HR software platform. In our experience, small and medium businesses have had two options in the past to manage their HR needs. Neither of these provide a tailored, secure, online solution which is cost effective and easy to implement. So what’s the catch? We make our money through benefit providers such as health and business insurance providers e.g. BUPA. As a business or individual, should you need to renew your personal or company insurance we can provide you quotes on your insurance needs at the best possible price through our sister company.

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Features like no others!

The world of HR is complex. That’s why we built a flexible platform for the entire HR ecosystem — to let you use the tools you need, not just the ones we provide. So keep your broker or payroll. If they’re working for you, they’ll work with our platform too. And if you need to make a change later, we’ll be here.

  • Our platform is so easy to get started
  • Our design is so simple & modern all staff will understand how to use it
  • Powerful Features from 6 years of development
  • Dubai Registered Business
  • 3 Years History & Client Feedback
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Loved By Our Customers

We give each person on our platform a platform of their own — a place to sync their unique identity with all the tools they need, and all the tasks they need to complete, seamlessly. It's intuitive, automated, and comprehensive, so nothing stands in the way of your workflow, whatever that means for you.


Paid Upgrades (Optional)

We offer paid module upgrades, additional asisstance for getting setup, supported and customizations if required as we know each customer is different!


  • Unlimited Employee Profiles
  • Sub Domain
  • All HRM Modules
  • Custom Domain
  • Customer Support 24/7


  • Unlimited Employee Profiles
  • Custom Domain
  • All HRM Modules
  • Employee Rewards Module
  • Customer Support 24/7


  • Unlimited Users
  • Custom Graphics & Domain
  • All HRM Modules
  • Rewards & Social Recognition
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us

Is Zenepal (Free HR) really completely free HR software?
Zenepal (Free HR) will always be free! You will always be able to maintain a HR system using our product. Eventually we'll be adding paid optional modules to cover more advanced workforce management systems such as access control, time and attendance and employee screening. But rest assured the core of the system will always be free!
Where can I access Zenepal (Free HR) from?
Zenepal (Free HR) can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It's a hosted solution which means you can log in from anywhere in the world and manage your HR records! We built Zenepal (Free HR) with the small to medium business in mind. The system can work with a little as one employee right up to thousands.
How can I be sure employees aren't booking too much holiday?
Zenepal (Free HR) allows you to set a holiday allowance for each employee, this coupled with our internal approval tracking means you can monitor and allow holidays on an individual basis if you require.
Will Zenepal (Free HR) work on my computer?
Zenepal (Free HR) is web based, this means it can work with any hardware that can load and display a website. This can be anything from a smart phone, to a tablet like an ipad to a complete top of the range desktop PC
How do I know my employees won't change their details without permission?
In Zenepal (Free HR) you can set user permissions down to an individual employee level if you require, meaning you can ensure that employees can only view and edit what you want them to be able to view and edit.
I need to store employee handbooks and contracts, can Zenepal (Free HR) do this?
Upload any documents you require and allow or restrict access rights depending on your requirements. No more HR offices full of filing cabinets!
How do I know when I need to approve holiday or something else?
Zenepal (Free HR) will let you know when you need to take action, via emails alerts and an internal messaging system.
I'm having trouble, where can I get help?
Zenepal (Free HR) is offered with supporting documentation. We do however offer support portal packages that can be found here:
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